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Content Moderation and Engagement Services

Content Moderation

  • 24x7x365 global coverage in over 70 country/language combinations
  • Blending the best of humans and software, to empower, not replace people
  • Trained, US-based teams highly skilled in crisis management

Engagement Services

  • Proactive. For marketing teams
  • Interactive social presence to grow audiences through 1-on-1 engagement
  • Human-tech blend to quickly filter and focus on high value customers

All Channels & Content Types

  • Social media & user generated content
  • Websites, chat, and messaging apps
  • Text, image, podcasts and video


“I want to thank you and your team for an amazing partnership over the last few years. I’m sure that you’ve heard me say this multiple times, but I don’t consider you just another vendor. I consider you a true partner and an extension of the Rite Aid Digital team.”

Joseph M Tertel, Jr.
Director, Digital Marketing at Rite Aid

“The LiveWorld team is a critical strategic partner of ours. In addition to optimizing our marketing content for various digital forums, the team continually provides thoughtful recommendations and support that increase the impact of our programs and materials”


Derek Brown
Vice President Marketing & Commercial Operations at Chiasma

About LiveWorld

LiveWorld is a digital agency and software company specializing in social media solutions that help companies build stronger customer relationships. We provide consulting, strategy, and creative along with human agents, conversation management software, and chatbots for digital campaigns and social media programs.

Our solutions empower companies to deepen relationships with customers, professionals, patients and healthcare providers with emotion driven behavior change through conversations and campaigns with a human touch. LiveWorld clients include the number one brands in pharmaceuticals, consumer packaged goods, and financial-travel services.

LiveWorld is headquartered in Campbell, California, with an additional office in New York City.

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24x7x365 global coverage in over 70 country/language combinations