The Definitive Guide to Digital Privacy

The advances of digital personalization, socialization and associated tracking have your personal information in the crosshairs.

This eBook explores the depth and breadth of personal data collection, associated pros and cons, and then lays out a five-part solution to proactively manage personal privacy. 


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Is Privacy Dead in the Digital Age eBook
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Digital Privacy

How it really works and how we got here. Who's responsility is this and how far does it go?


The Facebook Dilemma

Facebook's three ciritical mistakes and what we should expect from them.


What's the Answer?

A five-part solution with new rules and tools for managing personal information.

My life-long mission is to help people create more value together, through collaborative relationships, than they can alone.

Peter Friedman

Chiarman & CEO, LiveWorld


This is the Moment to Take Action

Learn more about the roles and actions for Facebook, Google, the government and individuals to take responsibility for managing personal information in a world of non-stop data collection.

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